Clarendon County Courthose


County Seat - Manning


Population - 32,502


Founded in 1785


Council Meets - 2nd Monday, 6:00pm

Clarendon County Council Meeting Agendas

For questions or comments or to be placed on the monthly agenda distribution list, contact Clerk to Council 803-433-3219.


Clarendon County Detention Center
320 E. Boyce Street

P.O. Box 730 (Mailing)
Manning, SC 29102

Col. Shelton L. Hughes, Jr., CJM – Director


Mission and General Information

The mission of the Clarendon County Detention Center is to provide safe, humane and sanitary housing and care for persons lawfully arrested and incarcerated within the jurisdiction of Clarendon County or by outside agencies having the legal authority to arrest and detain; and to follow directions as issued through the courts. The facility has a rated capacity to house up to 152 detainees, but typically houses an average daily population between 55 to 80 male and female detainees age 17 years and older who are primarily pre-trial (awaiting trial) or serving sentences of less than 90 days through any criminal court, or up to 1 year through Family Court. Persons sentenced to more than 90 days through any criminal court are transferred to the SC Department of Corrections to serve out their sentences. The facility was renovated and expanded in 2005. CCDC is both a Direct and Indirect Supervision detention facility with minimum to maximum security housing consisting of celled and open dorm style units. The facility falls under the jurisdiction of the Clarendon County Administrator. It employs a staff of 35 certified correctional officers and two administrative staff. In addition to full-time employees; contract and volunteer employees provide the following services:

Medical Services
Food Services
Inmate Commissary
Inmate Telephone System

Life Skills / Substance Abuse Education
Volunteer Chaplain Program


Contact Numbers


Booking / Release Information…(803) 435-8831              Director………….……………..(803) 435-0032

Booking Fax…………………….. (803) 435-0697               Deputy Director…………….…(803) 435-9496

Booking Supv. / Shift Sergeant...(803) 435-4030             Administrative Captain…….…(803) 435-0355

Administration/ Records/ Visits..            (803) 435-0364               Training Lieutenant…………...(803) 435-9572

Administration Fax………………(803) 435-8194               Classification Lieutenant……..(803) 435-4030

Medical Office……………………(803) 435-9744               Building/Grounds Lieutenant...(803) 435-0364

Food Service Supervisor……….            (803) 435-4030               Transportation Lieutenant..…..(803) 435-4030

The purpose of the Clarendon County Planning Commission is to provide a continuous planning program to manage the growth and development of Clarendon County to provide for sound economical growth while protecting our natural resources, preserving our agricultural lands and encouraging residential growth in existing suburban and residentially compatible areas. The policies, goals and objectivesof this plan are set out in the Clarendon County Comprehensive Plan. The regulations used to enforce the plan are known as the Clarendon County Unified Development Code.
The Unified Development Code brings together all of the different county laws and ordinances relative to land use and development. These are all the laws that have been put into place by the Clarendon County Council to obtain the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan. They consist of: Zoning classifications and districts, listings of permitted and non-permitted uses for each district; site development criteria; subdivision regulations; road construction regulations; building codes; erosion control and stormwater management regulations; flood damage prevention regulations; and public water and sewer service regulations. The Unified Development Code also provides for fines and penalties for failure to comply with the regulations. The combination of these regulations creates the minimum standards for land development and building construction in Clarendon County to protect our citizens and resources – present and future.
All citizens in Clarendon County should be aware that the planning, zoning and building codes are in effect county wide. Before you divide, sell or buy property, you should contact the Planning Commission Department for zoning and subdivision information to determine whether or not you can divide or use the property for the purpose intended. To obtain zoning certification in most cases, you simply need a tax map number and/or a recorded plat. Before you begin construction to erect any structure or place, replace or move a manufactured home in Clarendon County, you must contact the Planning Commission Department for zoning certification and a building or manufactured home permit.

The Planning Commission Department is located at 411 Sunset Drive in Manning.
The office operating hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m..

The telephone number is 803-435-8672 or email at
Available to assist you in the day-to-day operations of the planning, zoning and building department are:
Maria Rose, Director
Lucille O’Brien, Planning/Zoning Coordinator
Angela Williams, Administrative Assistant
Buck Taylor, Building Official
Oscar McDuffie, Building Inspector

Procurement Department

The Procurement Department is part of the Clarendon County legal team and supports the mission, vision and values in our day-to-day operations. Procurement is responsible for the procurement/purchase of goods, materials, construction and services for all departments within the County, as well as grant funded projects for outside agencies. Procurement staff members are trained to ensure fair and equitable treatment to all persons involved in the public purchasing process.
Procurement staff maintains membership to the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing Officials (NIGP), as well as the SC State chapter, SCAGPO. Procurement staff members work to maximize the purchasing value of public funds and provide safeguards for maintaining a procurement system of quality and integrity; while seeking the best price and highest quality, in compliance with local, State and Federal mandates. We place strong emphasis on outstanding customer service practices to both our internal and external customers.

Mission Statement

How to Contact Us

Clarendon County Procurement
411 Sunset Dr.
Manning, SC 29102
Tel: 803-433-2452
Fax: 803-433-4002
Business Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

Current Solicitations

Solicitations Awarded

Current Openings

How to apply:
Applications can be picked up in the Clarendon County Human Resources office, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Applications will be accepted through mail, fax or email
“Individuals with mobility impairments who need assistance with the employment application process should contact Ms. Linda P. Lemon, Human Resource Director or Ms. Linda J. Taylor, Benefits Coordinator at 803-435-9654.”